Multidisciplinary Professional Observatory for Global Decision-Making.

Observatorio Profesional Multidisciplinario para la Toma de Decisiones Globales.



Our vision of the digital society is innovative, sustainable and ubiquitous.

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Being KW Developer offers you innovate globally according to your talents.

No need to know programming, you can create reusable components and clusters for

computing applications owned by individuals, universities, organizations and communities.

Your creativity is your heritage, and KW Foundation proposes that you have no limits.




KW Foundation is a nonprofit initiative, created by TNG Consultores in 2003.


Scenario for collaborative, inclusive and democratic digital society development. Vision & Mision.

Editorials about world of trends, economics, human resources, technology, neuroscience and health.

Courses for the development of organizational systems focused on collaborative and incremental knowledge.

General glossary for mastering the terms of the new digital society and the efficient management of knowledge.

Scientific evidence used in manuals and books written in the KW Foundation.

Simulators and management systems development for the area of health and its value chain.


Glossary neuroscience applied to personal and organizational development.

Glossary about eHealth and eGovernment.

Downloads: Brochures and ACTT2

The New Warriors in the Digital Society: Novel technique with 170 years of history, based on real events.

Road to Planetary Synapse: New concepts for sustainable innovation.

Interoperability: Full Repository with resources to implement health CDA documents.








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